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Vietnamese women. Index

by Michael Palomino (since 2013)

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The Vietnamese Women. Vestiges & Landscapes. The Cultural - Historic, volume 1

Chapter 1

Vietnamese Women chapter 1, part 1, 1 to 10

1.1. Den Au Co [legend of the Mother of the Viet  people] -- 1.2. King HUNG Temple [for the worship of the Hung  kings] -- 1.3. MAU Temple -- 1.4 DÔNG XUNG THIÊN THÂN VUONG MÂU  temple -- 1.5. PHAP VAN Pagoda [the "mother of the four  Buddhas"] -- 1.6 PHAP VU Pagoda -- 1.7 BAC LE Temple [for the  Forest Goddess] -- [The four mother deities in Vietnam] -- 1.8 MEN  Shrine [the mausoleum and shrine for Lady Man Thien] -- 1.9 Den  VAN MAU [temple for the mother of two generals] -- 1.10 TAM DAO  DEITY Temple (TAY THIEN Temple or THONG Temple)

Vietnamese Women chapter 1, part 2, 11 to 20

1.11 AN THAI Temple -- 1.12 TAY HO Pagoda [for Lieu  Hanh - Holy Mother - queen of the people] -- 1.13 SAM temple [for  mother Lieu Hanh] -- 1.14 VAN PHUC Dinh [for Lady La Thi Nuong: Le  Thi Na from Tuyen Quang] -- 1.15 Lady PHAM THI TRAN Temple  [founder of the opera "Chèo"] -- 1.16 Lady BACH HOA' s  Temple [a singer] -- 1.17 VAN XA Dinh [Ta Thi Huy Lang with  husband Cao Van Phuc doing good things] -- 1.18 THIEN NIEN Pagoda  [lady Phan Thi Ngoc Do] -- 1.19 MIA Pagoda [princess helping her  home village in agriculture with sugar cane] -- 1.20 Lady PHUNG  NGOC DAI Temple [singer concubine Phung Ngoc Dai] -- Dinh  [Vietnamese community center]

Vietnamese Women chapter 1, part 3, 21 to 30

1.21 QUYNH LUU-KYANH beach [the girl had to catch  fiddler crab - and created mam cay] -- 1.22 PHUNG XA Dinh  [concubine Nguyen Thi Hau] -- 1.23 LY TRIEU QUOC MAU Temple [Ly  Cong Uan with a child of a deity of Tieu mountain] -- 1.24 First  Royal Concubine Y LAN Templee [mulberry picking girl "Lady Y  Lan" becoming "first royal concubine"] -- 1.25 DONG  THIEN Quan - DONG THIEN Shrine -- 1.26 PHU THI Temple [concubine Y  Lan] -- 1.27 House worshipping and Stele commemorating Mrs. HOANG  THI HAY [with 7 sons] -- 1.28 Temple of the King's Prime Minister  NGUYEN QUAN NHO and his Mother [widow Trinh Thi Phuc] -- 1.29 Lady  NGO THI NGOC DAO temple [wife of a prince and mother of king Lê  Thanh Tong] -- 1.30 Lady TRAN THI DUNG Shrine [bride and first  royal concubine crown prince Sam - mother of princesses Thuan  Thien and Chieu Thanh]

Vietnamese Women chapter 1, part 4, 31 to 42

1.31 THIEN TRUONG Temple [stele about Lady Tran Thi  Dung] -- 1.32 THAI VI Temple [for King Tran Thai Tong] -- 1.33  Lady LÊ THI HOA's Tomb -- 1.34 Dinh VAN SA [dinh of princess Hoang  Phu] -- 1.35 Lang CO DO [village of princess Ngoc Hoa] -- 1.36 Den  HANG DAO -- 1.37 Lady HOANG Temple -- 1.38 GIANG Dinh [dinh for  princess Quy Minh] -- 1.39 BA TRIEU Temple [for women teaching  weaving fish nets] -- 1.40 TU KHOAT Pagoda -- 1.41 Lady CHUA KHO  Temple [the king's food manager] -- 1.42 The mausoleum of Mrs.  HOANG THI LOAN [mother of Ho Chi Minh]

Chapter 2

Vietnamese Women chapter 2, part 1, 1 to 10

2.1 The vestige of CO LOA -- 2.2 CUONG Temple -- 2.3  Dinh BACH TRU -- 2.4 BICH CAU (QUAN) [ascending to Heaven by two  white flamingos] -- 2.5 CHU DONG TU Temple [poor Chu Dong Tu and  king Hung's daughter Tien Dung My Nuong - going to Heaven] -- 2.6  Dam DA TRACH -- 2.7 Vu Nuong Temple -- 2.8 CAN HAI Temple [site  for empress and 3 princesses of Chinese Sung Dynasty] -- 2.9 Lady  PHUONG KHIET Shrine [the wife of the King of the Sea] -- 2.10 TAN  VIEN Temple [the fight about princess My Nuong Ngoc]

Vietnamese Women chapter 2, part 2, 11 to 20

2.11 GIAI OAN Pagoda -- 2.12 GIAI OAN Spring -- 2.13  HUONG TICH Pagoda -- 2.14 QUANG UYEN THAN Temple [for lady Nguyen  Thi Nien] -- 2.15 Lady MI-Ê Temple -- 2.16 Lady CHE THANG Temple  [for lady Nguyen Thi Bich Chau - concubine of King Tran Due Tong]  -- 2.17 Chua NGOC HO (Chua Ba Ngo) - NGOC HO Pagoda (Lady Ngo  Pagoda) -- 2.18 Dinh HOI VU - HOI VU Dinh -- 2.19 Nui PHU THAI -  PHU THAI Mountain -- 2.20 VAN PHUC Pagoda [a girl stealing a peony  flower]

Vietnamese Women chapter 2, part 3, 21 to 30

2.21 HO AI BAO THI Dinh (Đ́nh) [center for goddess  Linh Phu Dong, daughter of King Ly Nhan Tong] -- 2.22 BICH DAO  Cave [marriage of Tu Thuc with fairy Giang Huong] -- 2.23 DONG  NHAN Temple [for the first two Queens of Vietnam - sisters Trung  Trac and Trung Nhi] -- 2.24 Den DONG CAO - DONG CAO Temple [for  the Trung sisters] -- 2.25 Den HA LOI - HA LOI Temple [for the  Queen sisters Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, and Thi Sach] -- 2.26 AN  BIÊN Temple [for woman general Lady Lê Chan] -- 2.27 Lady CAO  Temple [for woman general Lady Lien Nuong] -- 2.28 LOC HA Dinh  (Đ́nh) [center for general Dao] -- 2.29 Dên NGHÈ - NGHÈ Temple  [for A Lan sisters, women generals] -- 2.30 Lady TRIÊU Temple [a  hero woman general against Chinese Wu dynasty]

Vietnamese Women chapter 2, part 4, 31 to 40

2.31 The temple to Mr. DUONG DIÊN NGHÊ & Mrs.  DUONG THI NHU NGOC [with women soldiers] -- 2.32 HOA XA DINH  (Đ́nh) [for Lady Dô Ho helping King Lê Dai Hanh against Song  invaders] -- 2.33 Dinh TICH SON - TICH SON DINH (Đ́nh) [for 7  children of Lô family] -- 2.34 VÊ Temple -- 2.35 DAO NUONG Temple  [for singer A Dao - Ming soldiers thrown into the river] -- 2.36  VAN KIÊP Temple [for King Hung Dao and princess Thiên Thanh and  for two daughters -- 2.37 PHU UNG Temple [for Pham Ngu Lao and his  daughter Thuy Tiên] -- 2.38 NÔN SON Pagoda [for princess Huyên  Trân with the Champa kingdom] -- 2.39 RÔNG Temple -- 2.40 Dinh  GIAO TU - GIAO TU Dinh (Đ́nh) [for Queen Lư Chiêu Hoàng]

Vietnamese Women chapter 2, part 5, 41 to 54

2.41 Dinh YÊN THÀNH - YÊN THÀNH Dinh (Đ́nh) -- 2.42  HUONG HAI Pagoda [first Buddhist nunnery - princess Ngoc Kiêu] --  2.43 HUONG LONG Pagoda [place of nunhood for princesses] -- 2.44  KHAI NGHIÊM Pagoda -- 2.45 Lady HOÀNG CÀN Temple -- 2.46 The  Worshipping Hall of Princess LÊ NGOC HÂN'S Maternal Clan -- 2.47  Temple and Mauselum of Lady NGUYÊN THI DUÊ [doctorate in men's  clothes] -- 2.48 Chùa HOÀNG ÂN - HOÀNG ÂN Pagoda -- 2.49 BÚT THÁP  Pagoda [Lady Trinh Thi Ngoc Truc compiling the first Chinese  Vietnames diccionary] -- 2.50 Chùa LONG CUNG -- 2.51 Chùa CAM ÚNG  -- 2.52 Chiêu Ngi PHAM THI NGOC XUYÊN Temple [ Lord Trinh Tac's  wife] -- 2.53 HÁNG TRÔNG Temple [singer Lady Nguyên Thi Huê -  manager of the King's women music band] -- 2.54 NGUYÊN XUÂN ÔN  Worshipping House [altar for Lady Mai Thi Hung, a good soul in the  house]

Chapter 3: Landscapes About Vietnamese Women

Landscapes about Vietnamese women 1 to 10

3.1 Dôi LIM - Dinh LIM - LIM Hill - LIM Dinh (Đ́nh)  -- 3.2 NGOC MY NHÂN Mountain [land breaking around Ngoc My Nhân  mountain] -- 3.3 KEM TRÔNG gate into ƉICH LÔNG cave [and a poem  and a king] -- 3.4 TRINH NU Cave [virgin Trinh Nu did not want to  be a concubine] -- 3.5 Ḥn TRÔNG MÁI - TRÔNG MÁI Rock -- 3.6 Ɖên  CÔ TIÊN - CÔ TIÊN Temple -- 3.7 Câu HÀM RÔNG - HÁM RÔNG Bridge --  3.8 TÔ THI Mount [woman Tô Thi converting into stone] -- 3.9 TAM  THANH Cave -- 3.10 TÔ THI Mount [with stones on the top in form of  mother and two children]

Landscapes about Vietnamese women 11 to 18

3.11 TAM CÔC Cave -- 3.12 KIM LIÊN Pagoda [a silk  farm of Lư Dynasty] -- 3.13 PHÚC XÁ Shore -- 3.14 NGHI TÀM Village  [silk farm for ladies] -- 3.15 HUONG Pagoda [Bodhisattva passed  here] -- 3.16 CÔN SON Pagoda [for Nguyên Trai and his wife, Mrs.  Nguyên Thi Lô] -- 3.17 HOA LU Ancient Capital and ƉINH LÊ Temple  -- 3.18 TRINH TIÊT Pagoda

Vietnamese Women, volume 2

Chapter 1: Remains of Goddesses - Lady Ancestors of Different Professions - Mothers of Famous Persons,

Part 1: 1 to 10

1.1 CÔ TRAI Pagoda -- 1.2 Empress THÙA THIÊN CAOs  Mausoleum -- 1.3 Empress THUÂN THIÊN CAO's Mausoleum -- 1.4  Empress THUÂN ƉÚC NHÂN's Mausoleum -- 1.5 QUEEN MOTHER TÙ DU's  Mausoleum -- 1.6 Lady ƉAM PHUONG's Tomb [a woman writer, a woman  journalist for liberation from feudal traditions] -- 1.7 Lady MAC  THI GIAI mausoleum -- 1.8 Lady ƉOÀN QUÍ PHI Mausoleum - Lord  Nguyên Phúc Tân's Mother -- 1.9 LONG ƉÂU SON (mountain) - [a son  is the personification of a bright star] -- 1.10 BÀ VÚ's Mausoleum  [for war lady Bà Vú - inscriptions of King Gia Long, carved images  of legends on the walls]

Part 2: 11 to 20

1.11 The temple of the Salangane Island lady LÊ THI  HUYÊN TRÂM -- 1.12 HO KROIH [a lady teaching weaving] -- 1.13 POH  NAGAR Tower [and 3 little towers - lady Pho Nagar civilizing  Champa people] -- 1.14 Lady POH NAIR Mountain [Lady Poh Nagar with  two sons as gods] -- 1.15 Holy Mother THIÊN HÂU Pagoda [goddess  for calming storms in the sea] -- 1.16 AN NHON Ɖ́nh [for four  goddesses calming the sea] -- 1.17 BA DEN Pagoda (BÀ ƉEN Pagoda)  [Hindu monument for god Siva, Shiva] -- 1.18 PHUOC HAI Pagoda [for  Lady Kim Huê and 12 mother statues] -- 1.19 Lady LE THI DIEN's  Pond (Lê Thi ƉIÊN's Pond) [good educator and poet] -- 1.20 BA CO'S  Tomb (BÀ CÔ'S Tomb) [military studies - arrested adoptive mother]

Part 3: 21 to 24

1.21 Lady TU CO Shrine (TU CÓ Shrine) [two fished  saving a boat - the fishermen's village] -- 1.22 Lady CHUA XU  Shrine (CHÚA XÚ Shrine) [fossilized near a mountain - helping the  good people] -- 1.23 SAC TU TAM BAO Pagoda (SÁC TÚ TAM BAO Pagoda)  [Lady Thai dying at a Buddha altar - her son ordering the pagoda]  -- 1.24 TANG THI HUE Island lady Shrine [settlement on Hon Rai  Island - assault and surviving the sea]

Chapter 2: Other Remains About Vietnamese Women

Part 1: 1 to 10

2.1 THUYEN TON Pagoda (THU YÊN TÔN Pagoda) [with  hills around - temple of Lieu Quan group] -- 2.2 BAO QUOC Pagoda  (BÁO QUÔC Pagoda) ["many ancient items" from the age of  the Nguyen Kings] -- 2.3 DONG THUYEN Pagoda (ƉÔNG THUYÊN Pagoda)  [precious antiques] -- 2.4 THANH TOÀN Tile-Roof Bridge -- 2.5 Lady  Au Trieu - LE THI DAM's Tomb (Lady Âu Triêu - LÊ THI ƉÀM's Tomb)  -- [Lady Au Trieu fighting for her father in French jail and in  Dong Du movement against French colonialists] -- 2.6 Princess AN  THUONG's Worshipping House [ginseng and filial piety towards the  mother] -- 2.7 VINH AM (VINH ÂM) garden and Princess TINH HAO's  Worshipping House [princess Tinh Hao] -- 2.8 Princess MAI AM's  Mausoleum [princess with father killed in a battle and son died by  disease] -- 2.9 TRUC LAM Pagoda (TRÚC LÂM Pagoda) [a brocade with  7,000 thousand word of sutra] -- 2.10 DIEU VIEN Pagoda (DIÊU VIÊN  Pagoda)

Part 2: 11 to 20

2.11 DIEU DUC Pagoda (DIÊU ƉÚC Pagoda) -- 2.12 Lady  THU BÔN Shrine -- 2.13 Remains of the Worshipping House of King LE  THANH TON (LÊ THÁNH TÔN) and his daughter -- 2.14 The BÙI clan  Worshipping Hall [woman general - being trampled to death by  elephants] -- 2.15 BA NGHE Pagoda (BÀ NGHÈ Pagoda) [destroyed and  reconstructed many times] -- 2.16 KUT Grave (KÚT Grave) [H'Bia, a  beautiful girl dying by the tongue of tigers] -- 2.17 DONG GIANG  DINH (ƉÔNG GIANG Ɖ́nh) [for Lady Tiep Du Phu Tu - beauty,  intelligence, literature] -- 2.18 PHUOC LUU Pagoda (PHUÓC LUU  Pagoda) [lady Ba Dông - witch-doctor helping the people] -- 2.19  The PHAN clan's worshipping altar -- 2.20 PHO DONG Stupa (PHÔ ƉÔNG  Stupa)

Part 3: 21 to 30

2.21 XUAN HOA Pagoda (XUÂN H̉A Pagoda) [built in 1925  - enlarged in 1937] -- 2.22 BINH HOA Dinh (B̀NH H̉A Ɖ́nh)  [offerings for protection gods] -- 2.23 DAI GIAC Pagoda (ƉAI GIÁC  Pagoda) [Chinese Ming came as refugees in 1679 - building Biên  Ḥa] -- 2.24 Lady BONG HIEN's tomb (Lady BÓNG HIÊN's tomb) [giving  advice to mandarin Vuong Van Lê] -- 2.25 Royal Recognized Pagoda  [Tu An pagoda - red lacquer - a princes in love with Lieu Dat -  self burnings] -- 2.26 BUU LÂM Pagoda [with carvings] -- 2.27 BA  KET Pagoda (BÀ KÊT Pagoda) -- 2.28 Lady TRAN THI SANH's Tomb --  2.29 HOI THO Pagoda (HÔI THO Pagoda) -- 2.30 Lady LE THI MAN's  tomb (Lady LÊ THI MÂN's tomb)

Part 4: 31 to 40

2.31 Shrine of Two Ladies [two silk merchants - two  ladies saving Nguyên Áhn] -- 2.32 VAN QUOC Pagoda 8VAN QUÔC  Pagoda) [place of women Charity Association helping orphans] --  2.33 HOI PHUOC Pagoda (HÔI PHUÓC Pagoda) [for Lady Ngon] -- 2.34  KIM QUANG Pagoda [lady Nguyên Thi Puoc helping the poor] -- 2.35  Lady HAI DE's Tomb (Lady HAI ƉÊ's Tomb) [lady Do Thi De helping  Vietnamese troops against French colonialists in South Vietnam --  2.36 Tombs and worshipping Shrine of Mr. and Mrs. CAU LANH (CÂU  LĂNH) -- 2.37 CÔNG THÂN Shrine and VAN THÁNH Shrine [Lady Truong  Thi Loan helping people affected by disasters] -- 2.38 GIAC THIEN  Pagoda (GIÁC THIÊN Pagoda) [Lady Truong Thi Lau - help for the  poor] -- 2.39 NAM NHA Pagoda [liberation of irrigation tax - and a  bribe to purchase irrigation works] -- 2.40 BINH THUY Dinh (B̀NH  THUY Ɖ́nh) [worship center for Dinh Cong Chanh]

Part 5: 41 to 47

2.41 NOC NANG Rice field [land breaking against the  French police chief - two Vietnamese women killed] -- 2.42 TA NIEN  Dinh (TÀ NIÊN Ɖ́nh) [two sisters Lady Diêu and Lady Do - battle of  1868 against French colonialists] -- 2.43 TAM BAO Pagoda [Lady  Duong Thi Can - Lady Thich Tri Thien - Indochina Democratic Front]  -- 2.44 Lady CHAU VINH TE's tomb (Lady CHÂU VINH TÊ's tomb) [help  for the construction of a canal - called Vinh Tê River] -- 2.45 BA  LE Pagoda (BÀ LÊ Pagoda) [meeting place for patriots against  French colonialists] -- 2.46 Lady NGUYEN THI THANH's Tomb [for the  wife of Tran Van Than, leader of the rebellion against French at  Lang Linh] -- 2.47 BA THO Stupa [for the founder of Phuoc Dien  pagoda]

Chapter 3: Landscapes - place name about Vietnamese women

Part 1: 1 to 10

3.1 THIEN MU (THIÊN MU) Pagoda [a woman in a red  blouse - a holy mountain with the pagoda] -- 3.2 The HUONG River  -- 3.3 Lady KY THACH temple [two stones on the ground of the sea  bring luck] -- 3.4 Lady THAI DUONG temple (Lady Thái Duong temple)  [a stone and fisherman Bá on the beach] -- 3.5 NGOC TRAN temple [a  Chama temple on Ngoc Tran mountain for goddess Poh Imo Nagar] --  3.6 Lang CÔ -- 3.7 Some towers and temples of the CHAMPA people in  the South -- 3.7.1 PHU HAI Tower (PHÚ HÀI Tower) [for fairy Chuot]  -- 3.7.2 BANH IT Tower (BÁNH ÍT Tower) -- 3.7.3 CANH TIEN Tower  (CÁNH TIÊN Tower) -- 3.7.4 NHAN Tower [for goddess Poh Nagar] --  3.7.5 POH KLAUNG GARAI Tower [on Trau mountain - couple finds a  girl in a river - son Poh Ong] -- 3.7.6 POH DAM Tower [six towers  three and three] -- 3.7.7 POH ROME Tower [for King Poh Rome] --  3.7.8 King POH NICH Temple [for King Poh Nich] -- 3.7.9 King POH  KLONG NAIR worshipping temple [for King Poh Klong Nair] -- 3.8 BA  NA (BÀ NÀ) [bit rainy forest region] -- 3.9 TRA KUEU cathedral  (TRÀ KIÊU cathedral) -- 3.10 HOI AN Ancient Street (HÔI AN Ancient  Street) [region of the tiger skin - Chinese refugees from Qing  dynasty]

Part 2: 11 to 20

3.11 VONG PHU (waiting for the husband) peaks in the  South [Vong Phu mountains] -- 3.12 HOI VAN (HÔI VÂN) hot water  stream [in northern Vietnam - legend about a fairy and a poor man]  -- 3.13 GANH RANG TIEN SA (GÀNH RÁNG TIÊN SA) [boats passing  rapids] -- 3.14 Suoi TIEN (Suôi TIÊN) (Fairy stream) [a conical  hat] -- 3.15 HOANG DE Citadel (HOÀNG ƉÊ Citadel) [former capital  of Tay Son brothers - footprints of women generals] -- 3.16 THI  NAI Marsh [in Binh Dinh province - Herring fish] -- 3.17 D'RAY SAP  Waterfall [water of fog, smoke, love and tear] -- 3.18 YA LY Falls  [water of a girl called "Ly" - dying for saving Plei Mun  village with a spring of water] -- 3.19 HUSBAND and WIFE Rocks  [two rocks with legends] -- 3.20 A NA Sea (CÀ NÁ Sea) [goddess Poh  Inur Kar playing with sand]

Part 3: 21 to 30

3.21 Lady CO HY (CÔ HY) temple -- [Story 1: adoptive  girl with relationship with the adoptive father - anger of the God  killing her and floating her down Dinh River arriving at Ô Cam  Mountain] -- [Story 2: princess Co Hy living in the temple] --  3.22 VINH HAO Spring [mineral water spring - honeymoon location]  -- 3.23 BAU BA (BÀU BÀ) [woman pond - and at the other side is a  man pond] -- 3.24 THAY THIM Palace (THÂY THÍM Palace) [a couple  doing good deeds for the world] -- 3.25 LANG BIANG Highland [2,169  meters - man Lang of Lat tribe and woman Biang of Chill tribe] --  3.26 THAN THO Lake [couple of handsome Hoàng Tàng man and  beautiful girl Mai Nuong] -- 3.27 XUAN HUONG Lake (XUÂN HUONG  Lake) [Da Lat city - dams and reservoirs and bridges] -- 3.28  GOUGAH Waterfall [one stream like egg yolk, other stream like egg  white - Chu Ru Champa clans] -- 3.29 PONGOUR Waterfall -- [The  name of "Pongour"] -- [The legend about woman of Ka Nai  with four rhinoceros - fight between native tribes - a  "faithful Kingdom" with the horns of 4 rhinoceros] --  [Festival day] -- 3.30 BA RA Mountain (BÀ RÁ Mountain) [in Binh  Puoc province at son Giang village] -- [Legend about immortal  Giang creating two mountains for two little sisters]

Part 4: 31 to 40

3.31 CHUA CHAN Mountain (CHÚA CHAN Mountain) [girl Mai Khanh - daughter Mai Khan] -- 3.32 TRI AN Waterfall [electricity for Dong Nai province and HCMC - a ward killing a python] -- 3.33 Lady PHI YEN Shrine (Lady PHI YÊN Shrine) -- 3.34 Lady THI VAI Stupa and Mount [Thi Vai Mountain - Trinh Mountain] -- 3.35 Place name of BÀ RIA [Lady Ria with a hamlet in Mo Xoai area - title "Nghe" for road work after rain - shrine] -- 3.36 BA DEN Mountain (BÀ ƉEN Mountain) [caverns and green trees] -- [Legend 1: Lady Den does not accept a marriage - flight - dead on the hill] -- [Legend 2: Môt Mountain: Lady Trang Bang offering on the mountain - bandits - the lady dying on the mountain] -- 3.37 DINH CÔ [girl Lê Thi Hông Thuy in a house boat - dead in a storm - body on a beach - shrine erected] -- 3.38 St. MARIA Cathedral in Sài G̣n -- 3.39 Place name of THI NGHÈ -- 3.40 BA HOM Street (BÀ HOM Street)

Part 5: 41 to 51

3.41 SAINT PAUL convent [in HCMC] -- 3.42 BA DIEM  Village (BÀ ƉIÊM Village) -- 3.43 BA BAY Estuary (BÀ BÂY Estuary)  [a river's mouth] -- 3.44 TIEN CHAU Pagoda (TIÊN CHÂU Pagoda) [in  Vinh Binh District] -- 3.45 Gien TIEN (Giêng TIÊN) [the immortal  well and the fairy well - with buffaloes] -- 3.46 Mrs. DOI OM  Mountain (Mrs. ƉÔI OM Mountain) [seeking for water] -- 3.47  Convent of QUANG PH̉NG (Lord Protector) Sacred Order [for old,  orphans, disabled] -- 4.48 BÀ OM Pond [7 km from Trà Vinh there is  a pond] -- 3.49 BA TUONG Swamp (BÀ TỦNG Swamp) [The Water World  with a King tiger and a Princess] -- 3.50 HA TIEN Sceneries (HÀ  TIÊN Sceneries) [cultural town at the south western border]