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Secret architecture of extraterrestrials: 2. Crucial facts

Principles -- 11th century apr.: ancient wisdom came from the Templ"e Mount to France with 9 "knights" from Jerusalem - Bernard de Clairvaux - the pope aproves the Templar Order in France -- What did the 9 "knights" find in Jerusalem? -- Fantasy about Silver Gate and Golden Gate -- Fantasy about Queen of Heaven: Isis-Horus story=Mary-Jesus story -- Fantasy Jesus which is a 33 Free Mason on one line (axis) -- Extraterrestrials (gods) -- Gods in Egypt: 8 gods (Ogdoad of Hermopolis) -- Gods in Egypt: 9 gods (Ennead of Heliopolis) -- Extraterrestrials defined the units of measuring -- Place of the Great Pyramid in the world (29,9792458ºN) = speed of light in the vacuum (299,792,458 m/sec) -- Numbers and proportion facts: from 1 to 224 million and 4 dimensions 4D works

from: Video: Secrets in Plain Sight 1-23 (full video), written, narrated and produced by architect Scott Onstott (3h 43min.)

presented by Michael Palomino

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Web site of Scott Onstott: http://www.secretsinplainsight.com/
Web site about Satanist symbolism in Washington: http://dcsymbols.com/

Extraterrestrials PRESCRIBE to the governments and architects how they have to construct buildings. THIS is the sense behind it.

Den Regierungen und Architekten wird von den Ausserirdischen VORGESCHRIEBEN, wie sie zu bauen haben. DAS ist der Sinn, der dahintersteht.

Crucial facts


-- signals: the powers give their signals with architecture design and street design (2h55min.30-35sec.).

-- Egyptian cosmology: "The architecture of the universe is imbedded in Egyptian cosmology." (2h21min.20-32sec.)

-- symbolism is with octagons, zodiac circles, rectangle proportions etc., and this symbolism is followed so strictly that there is only one solution: There must be a big power behind this symbolism (3h42min.54sec.). [Extraterrestrials].

-- old mysteries can be found out with the combination of astronomy, geometry, number, and music (2h20min.37sec.)

-- a tower in an oval, in the Egypt myth it means the sacred union of Isis and Osiris (1h30min.29sec.).

-- at Dendera is the little birth place temple of Isis (3h31min.38sec.), this is the holiest place in the cult of Isis (3h31min.50sec.) - the Pennsylvania avenue in Washington DC starting from the Capitol as one of the two branches of the Free Mason compass is pointing to Dendera (3h31min.43sec.), also the Champs Élysées are pointing to Dendera (3h31min.38sec.)

Extraterrestrials in Egypt (gods)

Gods in Egypt: 8 gods (Ogdoad of Hermopolis)
-- Egypt group of 8 gods "Hermopolis Ogdoad" (Amun, Kauket, Amaunet, Hauhet, Naunet, Heh, Nun, Kuk) (1h29min.36sec.). This is the oldest Egyptian creation myth with 4 male and 4 female gods before the 9 Egyptian gods of the Ennead group (1h29min.44sec.). Ogdoad was in Hermopolis, and Hermopolis was the city of Hermes, in Latin: Mercury (1h30min.1sec.).

Gods in Egypt: 9 gods (Ennead of Heliopolis)
Nonagon was the principle place for the 9 highest Egypt gods, the Ennead group (1h28min.52sec.).

Heliopolis was the center for the 9 great Egyptian gods being placed in a nine sided nonagon: Atum, Tefnut, Nut, Nephthys, Isis, Osiris, Set, Geb, and Shu, called the "Ennead" (1h22min.9sec.).
Ennead comes from Greek "ennea"=9 (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neunheit_von_Heliopolis).
Extraterrestrials defined the units of measuring
foot: Old legends tell that the "foot" was taken from big foots of kings (1h5min.50sec.). Today it's sure: the person who invented the foot knew about the circumference of the Earth. The precision is 99.994% (as compared with the 2003 value from the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) (1h5min.58sec.).

The English Foot was the base for all other measuring units:

English Foot -> Statute Mile (English Foot x 5280) - Royal Foot -> Royal Mile (Royal Foot x 5280) - Common Foot (6/7 of Royal Foot) etc. (1h7min.26sec.)

Also the Royal Foot was the base for more measuring units:

Royal Foot - Royal Cubit (3/2xRoyal Foot) - Standard Cubit (Petrie's Cubit, 441/440 Royal Cubit) - Canonical Cubit (176/175 Standard Cubit) (1h7min.34sec.).

Crucial: Place of the Great Pyramid in the world (29,9792458ºN) = speed of light in the vacuum (299,792,458 m/sec)
-- the exact place of the "Grand Gallery" of the Great Pyramid can be seen on Google Earth: 29.9792458ºN
-- speed of light in the vacuum is: 299,792,458 m/sec (1h14min.51sec.).

The Great Pyramid was placed with the connection of speed of light (1h17min.21sec.). The "architects of the dawn of history knew about the speed of light 299,792,458 m/sec, and they knew the exact size of the Earth putting the Great Pyramid at exactly 29.9792458ºN Lat (1h17min.28sec.).

And: The pyramids of Giza are said to be located in the middle of the Earth (1h33min.41sec.) [at the center of gravity of the continental masses - see the books of Däniken].

Thus the distances and the times are coordinated in their measurings (1h15min.11sec.). [Extraterrestrials are working fine].

Crucial: Isis-Horus story=Mary-Jesus story=2 "Queens of heaven"

Isis and Mary were both called "queens of heaven", both were virgins, and later both had sons symbolizing sun - and both sons have the same birthday (2h41min.28sec.) In general the Mary-Jesus story is a copy of the Isis-Horus story (2h41min.34sec.)

Crucial: geometry
All mysteries can be decrypted with measurement. All measurements are derived from the Earth. Geo-metry means literally: to measure Earth (1h6min.50sec.-1h7min.4sec.).

-- magic squares have it's originate in China 2,600 years ago (1h42min.8sec.)

-- holy places were "christianized", this was normal, and their power was absorbed into the "body of the church" (2h7min.15sec.). Example:
-- cathedral of Chartres: before being a place for a cathedral the place was a place for Isis (2h41min.0sec.)

-- in general the elite of Europe is obsessed with the old Egypt wisdom, and the word "study" of the painting is describing this research (3h33min.21sec.).

11th century apr.: ancient wisdom came from the Temple Mount to France with 9 "knights" from Jerusalem - Bernard de Clairvaux - the pope aproves the Templar Order in France
[There were 9 great gods in Egypt - so the 9 "knights" in France should be 9 "holy" Christian figures].

The Free Masons lead their history back to the knight's Templars (14min.53sec.). [Better: the Templars and the Free Masons seem to be THE SAME THING].

In France the ancient knowledge spread during the Middle Ages. 9 poor with horses naming themselves "nights of Christ" started this in France when they returned from 10 years excavation work at the "Temple Mount" in Jerusalem (2h33min.12sec.). St. Bernard de Clairvaux was arguing for them preaching for them and at the Council of Troyes in 1129 (2h33min.22sec.). Then the official Templar Order was chartered and was confirmed (endorsed) by the Catholic Church (2h33min.30sec.). Later the pope freed the Templar Order from taxes, gave them freedom of travel and freedom of authority. The pope was more powerful than any European government (2h33min.52sec.). The Templars installed themselves in the world and installed also the first banking finance economy in several countries (2h34min.1sec.). In fact the Templars were the first multi national corporation and developed fortunes, armies, and power (2h34min.10sec.).

What did the 9 "knights" find in Jerusalem?
Nowhere is described what the 9 "knights" found in Jerusalem. Could be
-- Inaacs cube which was buried in the Temple Mount protecting it from the Great Flood [this flood was at Titicaca Lake in today's Peru and Bolivia, see: Zillmer: Kolumbus kam als Letzter]
-- it was for sure knowledge they acquired rather than gold - "and with knowledge comes power" (2h34min.33sec.)
-- the "G" with the Free Mason's compass stands for "geometry" or for the "Great Architect of the Universe" (2h49min.40sec.)

-- Free Masonry is a remnant of an ancient mystery school (24min.40sec.).

-- Cosimo di Medici brought the book "Corpus medica" from Alexandria with the divine geometry. Cosimo di Medici, Pacioli and Da Vinci developped together the Renaissance architecture in Italy (2h23min.41sec.).

-- t
he mathematic researchers like Isaac Newton, William Stukeley or Albert Pike decoded parts of the mathematic architecture mysteries, and Scott Onstott made a synthesis of it (3min.44sec.). Scott Onstott placed his results also in Wikipedia, google Earth and Scetchup (3min.55sec.)

Now all rulers wanted to have Egypt data in their towns:

-- Pope Sixtus V redesigned much of Rome also when he was only 5 years long a pope - with fountains, obelisks, and streets (2h9min.20-44sec.)

The "New Jerusalems"

Washington is "New Jerusalem" of the [fantasy] Bible which is prescribed with 11,000 furlongs (Revelation, chapter 21, phrase 16):
[1 furlong=1/8 of a mile - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furlong - mile=of 5,280 feet=1,609.344 meters - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mile]
"And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs [1/8 of a Mile]. The length and the breadth and the hight of it are equal."
and this is exactly how Washington DC is today, the volume of the prescribed area is just 1728 furlongs (20min.11sec.), and the six pointed star (hexagon) of Rothschild just fits into it (20min.15sec.). "DC is the New Jerusalem." (20min.20sec.)

-- there are big axis in the [fantasy] world: Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC points to Dendera (3h31min.43sec.) as also Champs Élysées do (3h31min.38sec.), and also London has got a "Mall" (2h57min.11sec.)


Scott Onstott concludes: "Paris is another New Jerusalem." (3h21min.51sec.)

-- Paris also wanted to have the world meridian and installed "arogos" medals in the streets for this (3h28min.55sec.)


Fantasy about Silver Gate and Golden Gate
Egypt fantasy of Silver Gate and Golden Gate: the Egypt idea is "the journey of the soul": a soul is coming from another dimension passing a silver gate (2h28min.30sec.) - Silver Gate="gate of birth" (2h29min.18sec.) - and after the death of a person on Earth the soul is leaving to another dimension again - now passing a Golden Gate (2h28min.44sec.): Silver Gate is located between the horns of the zodiac Taurus (2h28min.54sec.) resp. Silver Gate is where the ecliptic and the galactic mid plane are crossing (2h29min.6sec.) - Golden Gate is located at the other side of the Silver Gate - just in front of the arrow of the zodiac of Sagittarius (2h29min.27sec.)

Fantasy about Queen of Heaven: Isis-Horus story=Mary-Jesus story
"Queen of Heaven" were called Isis and Mary, both were virgins, and later both had sons symbolizing sun - and both sons have the same birthday (2h41min.28sec.) In general the Mary-Jesus story is a copy of the Isis-Horus story (2h41min.34sec.)

Fantasy Jesus which is a 33 Free Mason on one line (axis)
[fantasy] "Jesus" had performed 33 miracles and he had died with 33 (11min.10sec.).

There is a big fantasy axis with a [fantasy] Jesus: [fantasy] Jesus acted on on line (axis) from the Mount of Olives to the [fantasy] holy grave (holy sepulchre) (1h56min.2sec.). [Fantasy] Jesus has acted just on one straight line (from the east to the west): Mount of Olives - garden of Gethsemane - Golden Gate of the city wall - money changers kicked out from the Temple Mount - Sanctum Sanctorum (Holy of Holies, [fantasy] Ark in the cube chamber of [fantasy] Solomon's temple) - calvary - holy sepulchre (1h56min.2sec.).

Numbers and proportion facts

1: The 1-dollar bill shows [criminal satanist] Free Mason's symbols: unfinished pyramid, pyramideon with an eye (6min.2sec.) which is the "eye of Providence" or "eye of Horus" (6min.20sec.) - the pyramid has 33 steps (6min.44sec.) which is the number of Free Mason's degrees (8min.23sec.), the wings of the eagle have 33 feathers on the left side and 32 feathers on the right side like the harmonic 33 tones with 32 overtones (13min.20sec.), over the head of the eagle a 6 pointed hexagram star can be seen (24min.17sec.), and the letters form also a 6 pointed star bringing out the word MASON (14min.15sec.), moon number 13 is with 13 stars over the head of the eagle (24min.49sec.), 13 arrows in the claws of the eagle (24min.52sec.), 13 leaves on the branch of the other right claw (24min.55sec.), 13 stripes on the shield (24min.58sec.), and there are 9 tail feathers (25min.8sec.) representing 9 gods of Egypt (1h22min.9sec., 1h28min.52sec.) or 9 knights of Free Masons (2h33min.12sec.)

-- the proportions 1:2:4 are symbolizing musical octaves (3h26min.36sec.): in Paris on the Historical Axis between Carrousel - Luxor Obelisk - Arc de Triomphe - Grande Arche are 1:2:4 symbolizing musical octaves (3h26min.36sec.), or in Chartres Cathedral with 2 little squares and 1 big central square with the proportions 1:2  (2h38min.33sec.) resp. with two circles with a long and half the diameter (2h48min.29sec.)

2:3: Royal Cubit = 3/2xRoyal Foot (1h7min.34sec.); Stonehenge and the quarry: The distances are 3:2: Lundy Island - Caldey Island=3 - Caldey Island - Preseli Bluestone quarry=2. 3:2 is a very musical proportion of the fifth, the most fundamental interval in music (1h8min.7sec.).


-- height to length of the Great Pyramid is 7:11, above little 3:4:5 triangles can be seen
-- the diameter of the circle with the height in correlation with the diameter of the circle with the difference between length and height is 11:3 (1h35min.23sec.)
-- and these are exactly the proportions of Earth and moon: 11:3 (99.97% accuracy) (1h35min.36sec.).

-- when 11 and 3 is multiplied by 720 Earth's and moon diameter come out with 7920 and 2160 Miles, both with 99.97% accuracy (1h37min.2sec.).

4: 4 elements, 4 is basic element of musical harmony with interval's harmony, 4 is basic for architecture spheres (Isotropic Vector Matrix), 4 represents the structure of space itself: the line (1 dimension) - the plane (2 dimensions) - solid (3 dimensions) - hyper (4 dimensions) (1h39min.34sec.), the tetractys triangle of Pythagoras has 4 points (1h39min.21sec.).

5: is one of the most important numbers in nature: nature is arranging flowers and structures with 5 pointed stars, and 5 is associated with the microcosm (1h43min.45sec.). In Egypt the pentagram (five pointed star) is symbol for the microcosm "which is everything in the universe, human scale or smaller" (5min.15sec.).  The Pantheon (Rome) has 5 rows in the cupola may be in connection with the 5 visible planets Mercury - Venus - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn (2h17min.16sec.). Pentagram stars can be seen in the streets of Rennes Le Château (1h46min.17sec.), in the streets of Washington DC (4min.57sec.), all in all Washington DC is structured by 2 pentagrams (5-pointed stars) which touch each other at the Capitol building (32min.40sec.). The distance between Jefferson Memorial and Pentagon is one Royal Mile (18min.30sec.). Pentagons come out of the triangles of some pyramids: with the triangle of the Red Pyramid in Dashur (1h43min.8sec.) and with the triangle of the upper surface provokes a pentagon like the triangle of the the Red Pyramid (1h44min.9sec.). The painter Albrecht Dürer used for his painting "Melancholia" a hidden pentagon and hexagon (1h45min.40sec.).

number 5 stands for microcosm - number 6 stands for macrocosm (1h44min.24sec.) [so this is the holiest proportion of Egypt culture]: the side length of the Great Pyramid is 555' (feet)=6660'' (inches) (41min.20sec.) - length of 555' have: St. Paul's Cathedral (2h56min.28sec.); height of 555' have:  Washington Monument (obelisk) (37min.13sec.), UN building in New York (48min.30sec.), height of the little top pyramid of the Washington monument obelisk: 666'' or 55.5' (37min.18sec.), "US" flag has 50 stars arranged in 9 rows (see San Francisco) in rows of 6 and 5 stars (57min.45sec.), Pope Sixtus V: this name is a 6:5 proportion (2h9min.16sec.), the Bent Pyramid has different triangle surfaces in a 6:5 proportion (1h44min.36sec.), the Jerusalem rectangle contains half triangles with 6:5 proportion, Precessional Period of the Earth axis of 25,920 years stands in a 6:5 proportion to the Equatorial Circumference measured in 21,600 Nautical Miles (1h47min4sec.); the proportions of the ellipses are always 6:5 with a little factor for each planet (1h47min.41sec.), 6/5Phi2=Pi with 99.9985% accuracy (1h48min.23sec.),

there are masses of rectangles with a 5:12 proportion (Stonehenge, Stonehenge-Lundy-Preseli Hills quarry, Jerusalem (1h50min.59sec.) at the White House (41min.50sec.), Tuileries Garden in Paris (3h21min.33sec.), Royal Palace in Paris (3h15min.5sec.), and Central Park in NYC has a doubles 5:12 proportion thus a 5:24 proportion (42min.32sec., 58min.45sec.).

-- There are 3-4-5 and 5-12-13 proportions (5min.46sec.). Pythagoras was the first decoding this mystery (5min.56sec.).

6: the line from Luxor to Karnak is 6º deviating from the line between Paris and Luxor (3h4min.52sec.), the temple of Luxor contains the 6º angle (3h5min.26sec.), the same 6º angle can be observed in the Louvre park in Paris (3h5min.6sec.)

-- the 3:4:5 triangles have the surface 6, a perfect number of math, e.g. with calculations like 1+2+3=1x2x3 which is the only case at all etc. (1h36min.10sec.).

-- Common Foot = 6/7 of a Royal Foot (1h7min.26sec.)

7: Isis has a 7 rayed diadem (2h19min.55sec.) as Apollo statue has (46min.40sec.) and Liberty Statue has (46min.43sec.): the Statue of Liberty in New York City depicts the god Isis of Egypt (48min.7sec.); 7 goes with 7 sides of Treasure Island in San Francisco (1h32min.34sec.), there are 7 visible planets (2h16min.47sec.), 7 gods [extraterrestrials] in the Pantheon in Rome (2h15min.27sec.), 7 arts at School of Chartres (2h37min.10sec.), 7 for musical harmony (2h20min.28sec.), 7-pointed stars in the flower of life (23min.34sec.) and 7 pointed star at Stonehenge (59min.36sec.).

8: An octagram star is all in all a solar symbol (40min.35sec.): octagram star of Sumerian goddess Inanna (38min.29sec.), Egypt group of 8 gods forming "Hermopolis Ogdoad" (39min.19sec., 1h29min.36sec.) with it's center in Hermopolis (1h30min.1sec.), zodiac circle in Dendera with Egyptian cosmology is an octagon (3h32min.13sec.), Pantheon in Rome is an octagon (2h16min.54sec.), Vatican Square as an octagon sundial (40min.23sec.), fresco in Sistine Chapel in rome with an octagonal building (2h30min.23sec.), Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount in Jerusalem (692) (3h21min.42sec.), Temple Church in London (1185) (2h51min.59sec.), octagonal fountain in the Tuileries Garden in Paris (1564) (5h21min.42sec.), the Obelisk (1881) in the Central Park (1857) in New York stands in an octagon (3h21min.42sec.), octagram star in the Manitoba Legislation Building (1913) in the town of Winnipeg in Canada (1h58min.23sec.), the octagonal "Coit Tower" (1933) in San Francisco (1h29min.20sec.), the obelisk of the Washington Monument in Washington DC (1966) with an octagram star projection by the little pyramid on it's top (38min.15sec.), the diagram of the Louvre Pyramid (1989) (3h13min.57sec.).

More octagram stars and octagons: star of Hindu goddess Lakshmi (39min.10sec.), Celtic calendar (39min.23sec.), Valentian Gnosticism converting Egyptian concepts into Christian concepts (39min.29sec.), Buddhist Wheel of Dharma (39min.39sec.), Islamic octagram: Rub el Hizb (39min.45sec.), orthodox Church using octagram stars: Christ Pantocrater (39min.59sec.), Aztec calendar stone in Mexico (40min.7sec.).

9: there were 9 great Egyptian gods with their center Heliopolis being placed in a nine sided nonagon: Atum, Tefnut, Nut, Nephthys, Isis, Osiris, Set, Geb, and Shu, called the "Ennead" (1h22min.9sec., 1h28min.52sec.) - Ennead comes from Greek "ennea"=9 (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neunheit_von_Heliopolis) - putting the nine sided scheme of the Ennead gods over the nonagon of San Francisco beginning at Columbus Avenue at the Transamerica Pyramid comes out as the phallus of Osiris falls on the pyramid (1h28min.59sec.). According to Gurdjieff the enneagram is a hieroglyph of a universal language (1h22min.45sec.), later the enneagram was introduced in psychology as one of the means for self discovery (enneagram of personality) (1h23min.1sec.), Bahá'i Faith is using the enneagram as architecture base (1h23min.24sec.), [fantasy] Bible describes 9 "fruits of the holy spirit": love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control" in Galatians 5:22-23 (1h23min.33sec.); Templar Order in France was founded with 9 poor "knights of Christ" from Jerusalem (2h33min.12sec.) coming from 10 years excavations at the Temple Mount with something precious from there (2h34min.33sec.), and Bernard de Clairvaux argued and preached for them (2h33min.22sec.) and the pope approved this Templar Order freeing them from taxes (2h33min.52sec.), in fact the Templars are an international banking and army organization (2h34min.10sec.), "US" flag has 50 stars arranged in 9 rows (57min.45sec.).

10: there are 10 fingers (1h39min.59sec.), the Jewish tree of life has 10 centers (1h42min.24sec.); some astronomers believe the universe is made of 10 super strings, 6 of them have converted into a very small size and the four remaining big super strings are symbolizing the architecture of the universe (3h37min.14sec.); the sum of the points of the tetractys triangle is 10 (1h39min.39sec.); universe has a decimal structure with two circles crossed with bars so a vagina with 10 triangles comes out (1h42min.27sec.); the sum of the 4 pointed tetractys triangle of Pythagoras is 10 (1h39min.39sec.).

11+111: the height of the unfinished Great Pyramid is 1/11 Royal Mile=480' (feet) (1h12min.2sec.) - the height of the missing "pyramideon" is 1 1/11 feet (1h12min.20sec.; 1h12min.45sec.), made of gold and silver (1h12min.30sec.) reflecting sunlight corresponding to the eye in the pyramideon of the 1-dollar bill (1h12min.50sec.); the proportions of the Great Pyramid are length:height=11:7; the Statue of Liberty is 111'1'' (111 feet 1 inch) high (47min.59sec.). The base of the Statue of Liberty is an irregular 11 pointed star (47min.35sec.).

12: stands for 12 moon circles (2h21min.3sec.), see the Isis diagram (2h21min.3sec.), precisely: 12.369 is the number of full moons in a year (1h8min.46sec.); 12 zodiacs in the ecliptic (2h26min.13-18sec.), The Capitoline Hill square (Campidoglio square) is a 12 pointed elliptical star symbolizing the zodiacs (2h6min.47sec.); Triumph Arch on the Star Square (Place de l'Étoile) is with 12 streets symbolizing 12 zodiacs (3h24min.52sec.). The distance Stonehenge - Caldey Island=12.369= radical of 153 (1h8min.20sec.)=the number of full moons in a year (1h8min.46sec.); there are 12 [fantasy] apostles in the [fantasy] Bible (2h22min.21sec.).

13: moon calendar has 13 months of 28 days+1 day [all 4 years] (2h17min.43sec., 2h21min.8sec.) in the Bronze Age (2h17min.51sec.9, UN Security Council Chamber has 13 chairs at the central table (50min.27sec.), the diagram "fruit of life" has 13 circles (23min.34sec.), UN flag is playing with laurel for "peace", each branch with 13 leaves (55min.57sec.), UN Security Council has a central table with 13 chairs (50min.27sec.), also the original Israel flag with a menorah is playing with laurel for "peace" with 13 leaves (56min.38sec.), satanist Free Mason Illuminati "US" flag has 13 stripes 13 stripes (57min.20sec.; 2h22min.13sec.) satanist Free Mason Illuminati 1-dollar bill has 13 stars over the eagle (24min.49sec., 2h22min.13sec.), in the claws are 13 arrows (24min.52sec.), in the other claw are 13 leaves (24min.55sec., 2h22min.13sec.), on the shield are 13 stripes (24min.58sec.), 13 colonies were not a coincidence as it seems (25min.2sec.); in the Capitol's cupola George Washington is depicted sitting on a rainbow being accompanied by 13 women. George Washington is converted into a god (28min.5sec.).

12 [fantasy] apostles with one [fantasy] Jesus of the [fantasy] Bible result 13 persons on a [fantasy] "The Last Supper" of Da Vinci (2h22min.21sec.).

Osiris legend with 13 pieces+1 piece: Osiris was killed and parted into 14 pieces, Isis can recollect 13 representing the 13 months of the moon calendar (2h18min.30sec.) - Isis could not find the penis (35min.55sec.). She gave him a golden penis and brought him back to life (36min.2sec.).

20: in Winnipeg in the Manitoba Legislative Building the "Governor's Reception Suite" is a cube of 20 cubits - like the [fantasy] cube in Jerusalem with the [fantasy] Ark - so it's not strange that the Reception Suite chamber is "off limits to the public" (1h58min.20-49sec.)

23.5: the Earth's axis is 23.5º inclined to the ecliptic (2h26min.34sec.), the inclination of the pyramid on the 1-dollar bill is 23.5º (2h26min.51sec.), the djed [hieroglyph] of Isis and Osiris has an inclination of 23.5º (2h26min.46sec.), and there are many more angles of 23.5º in pieces of esoteric art (2h27min.0sec.).

25: it seems strange that many of the [fantasy] crucified godmen have their birthday on December 25 when sun is "born again" after winter solstice on December 21, so these persons are all "sun gods" nothing else (2h31min.48sec.). The description by Mr. Acharya:
<Many of the world's crucified godmen have their traditional birthdays on December 25th. This date is set because the ancients recognized that the sun makes an annual descent southward until after midnight of Dec. 21, the winter solstice, when it stops moving southerly for three days and was "born again" after midnight of Dec 24. Thus, these many different cultures celebrated with great joy the "sun of God's" birthday on December 25.>
(in: D.M. Murdock aka Acharya S.: The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold)

28: 28 points of the stars represent 28 days (2h20min.56sec.), 28 is the moon cycle (2h40min.45sec.), the Moon Tower of the cathedral of Chartres is 28' (feet) less high than the sun tower which is 365' (feet) high (2h40min.24sec.), the Pantheon in Rome has 28 niches (alcoves) in it's circumference representing 28 sunrays (2h17min.19sec.), number 28 here is the number of days (2h17min.26sec.) - with 13 months of 28 days=364 days and 1 day added - so the phrase "one year and a day" is fulfilled (2h17min.43sec.)

29,9792458: The "Grand Gallery" of the Great Pyramid on Google Earth is on 29.9792458ºN - speed of light in the vacuum is: 299,792,458 m/sec (1h14min.51sec.) - distance of 1 meter: 1m is the distance traveled by light in the vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second (1h16min.45sec.).

33: number 33 is the holiest number of [satanist] Freemasonry with the highest degree of "inauguration" (8min.23sec.). And this number 33 is presented lots of times in the world: the pyramid on the 1-dollar bill has 33 steps (6min.44sec.) - the incomplete pyramid on the House of the Temple in Washington DC (6min.42sec.), - there are 33 columns (8min.14sec.), they are 33 feet high (8min.17sec.), and the 33th degree of [satanic] "inauguration" only can be reached in this House of the Temple (8min.23sec.) - being awarded by a Supreme Council of the House of the Temple with 33 members (8min.25sec.) - UNO world flag is parted into 33 sectors (12min.32sec.), the eagle on the 1-dollar bill has 33 feathers on the left wing and 32 feathers on the right wing - just like 33 harmonic tones and 32 overtones (13min.20sec.) - Newton's temperature scale had 33 degrees (1h10min.0-58sec.) - NASA Space Center has only one runway with number 33, in an angle of 33 degrees west of north (10min.21sec.). "Astronaut" Buzz Aldrin was a 33 degree Free Mason (10min.35sec.) holding the flag of the Supreme Council of the "House of Temples" on the "moon" [in the moon hall] (10min.40sec.) - the [fantasy] Bible is also a 33-book: [fantasy] Jesus performed 33 miracles and died with 33 (!) (11min.10sec.), [fantasy] King David governed 33 years (11min.15sec.). Human spine has 33 vertebras counting the bones of the tailbone individually (12min.42sec.).

40: nonagons have 40º angles, e.g. the nonagon at San Francisco starting from the Transamerica Pyramid at Columbus Avenue (1h26min.26sec.), touching Treasure Island (1h27min.7sec.) - and the atrium of the Transamerica Pyramid is also a nonagon with 40º angles (1h26min.35sec.).

51: the inclination angle of the Great Pyramid: 51º51' (47min.47sec.)

72: In 72 years the planet Earth is going forward 1 degree of precession (28min.45sec.). Capitol roof: there are 72 stars around the fresco calling the names of gods in Jewish mystical tradition (28min.33sec.).

81: the decimals of 0.123456789 are equal to 1/81 (1h40min.48sec.), there are 81 stable elements in universe (1h40min.58sec.): all elements from 84 on are radioactive and decaying, and the elements 43 and 61 are invented never have been found or are artificially syntecized (1h41min.15sec.), the 81 stable elements are categorized in 10 types of isotopes (1h41min.28sec.); the moon is moving 81 times faster than Earth (1h41min.48sec.), the moon has 1/81 of the mass of Earth (1h41min.52sec.), the moon square is a 9x9 square with 81 numbers (1h42min.3sec.).

108: medium radius of the moon is 1080 miles (1h0min.50sec.; 1h4min.46sec.), silver is assigned to the moon light and has an atomic weight of 108 g/mol (1h50min.2sec.); distance between Stonehenge and Lundy Island=108 Royal Miles (1h3min.19sec.); [fantasy] Church is using the number 108 for "prayer beans" in the holy rosery making 108 recitations (1h3min.59sec.), [fantasy] Hindus, [fantasy] Buddhists and [fantasy] Jains use prayer necklaces with 108 beans making 108 recitations (1h4min.33sec.)

111: the height of the unfinished Great Pyramid is 1/11 Mile=480' (feet) (1h12min.2sec.), and the height of the missing top "pyramideon" of the Great Pyramid is 1 1/11 feet high (1h12min.20sec.) made of special metals gold and silver (1h12min.30sec.); the proportions of the Great Pyramid are length:height=11:7; Statue of Liberty has it's base on a 11 pointed irregular star (47min.35sec.), height of the Statue of Liberty from the heal to the top of the head is 111'1'' (111 feet 1 inch) (47min.59sec.); there is also a convenience store's name 111'1'' (47min.53sec.).

112: the labyrinth of the cathedral of Chartres has 112 prongs outside of the labyrinth (2h42min.25sec.); 4 elements have 7 subdivisions=112 classifications (2h42min.31sec.)

153: is a moon figure: the radical is 12.369, the number of moons in a year (3h2min.44sec.); Louvre Pyramid has 153 panes on each side (3h2min.36sec.) [minus 11 panes for the entrance door, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louvre_Pyramid]; Simon Peter fished 153 fishes (see the fantasy Bible: John 21:11) (3h2min.47sec.)

273: is a moon number: 27.3 is one moon orbit around the Earth, is one women's menstruation cycle (2h14min.28sec.), pregnancy is normally 273 days (2h14min.34sec.),  the moon size is 27.3% the Earth's size with the proportion 3:11 (2h14min.16sec.), and Celsius scale of temperature is defined with an absolute zero point of cold with -273º Celsius (2h14min.55sec.)

365: number of days in a year (2h40min.45sec.), the height of the Sun Tower of the cathedral of Chartres is 365' (feet) high (2h40min.20sec.), height of St. Paul's Cathedral (2h56min.47sec.)

400: the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun (3h30min.0sec.), the Earth turns 400 times faster than the moon (3h30min.5sec.); in the Big Bow (Grande Arche) in Paris about 40,000m2 of office space were installed, in the basement 400m2 for each office room (3h28min.13sec.); Paris Meridium was a circumference of 40,000km (3h28min.37sec.)

528: Statue Mile=5280 Feet (1h2min.31sec.; 1h6min.36sec.); solfeggio frequency of the ancient solfeggio in ancient religious music is 528 Hz (1h6min.46sec.).

666: Louvre Pyramid with rhombi, half rhombi, rhombic frames are 666 units (3h3min.57sec.); [satanic fantasy] Bible tells about the number 666 as the "number of the beast" (3h4min.8sec.) which is the destructive man, Scott Onstott says (3h4min.35sec.); in the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg the cubic space of the "Grand Staircase" is 66.6' (feet) (1h57min.17sec.)

783: Earth's basic vibrance is 7.83 Hertz (11min.45sec.); basic frequence for any music is 7.83 Hertz (12min.10sec.).

864: sun's diameter: 864,000 Miles (99,9% accuracy) (1h0min.35sec.; 1h15min.41sec.; 3h24min.11sec.); a normal solar day has 86,400 seconds: 60s x 60min. x 24h (3h24min.16sec.); one day is 60s x 60min. x 24h=86,400 seconds. The length of one second is the Earth's periphery parted into 86,400 (1h15min.27sec.); parting the "Galactic Year" of Milky Way of apr. 224 million years (2h32min.35sec.) by 25,920 years of the Great Year so 8640 Great Years come out for 1 Galactic Year (2h32min.45sec.).

864: buildings in connection with 864 figure are solar symbols (1h25min.51sec.): distance Stonehenge-Silbury Hill: 864,000' (fee) (1h0min.29sec.; 3h23min.55sec.); Concorde Square in Paris has 86,400m2 (3h23min.48sec.); height of the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco: total height 864' (feet) (1h25min.17sec.; 3h23min.50sec.)

1234: 123.4 Statued Miles = 108 Royal Miles (1h3min.17sec.), the distance between Stonehenge and Lundy Island is 123.4 Miles (1h2min.25sec.).

1728: the distance from Stonehenge latitude to Avebury latitude: 17.28 Miles (1h0min.58sec.), Jerusalem rectangle: the complete rectangle is 1.728 feet long (1h53min.50sec.), the polar radius of the Earth is 1728x2 Royal Miles=3456 Royal Miles (19min.30sec.), Washington DC center is today 1728 billion furlongs (20min.11sec.).

2,500: the triangle between Stonehenge, Presely Hills quarry and Lundy Island is 2,500 times larger than the rectangle of Stonehenge (1h2min.56sec.)

3456: the radius of Earth at the pole (polar radius of the Earth) is 3456 Royal Miles (accuracy 99.995% modern value) (17min.10sec.;
19min.30sec.; 1h3min.25sec.)

21,600 Nautical Miles is Equatorial Circumference (1h46min.48sec.).

25,920: the Earth precessional period (Precessional Period of the Earth axis) is 25,920 years (1h46min.48sec., 2h19min.33sec., 2h31min.5sec.)
-- when the trail of the inclined axis is presented in 3 dimensions a cone comes out (2h31min.24sec.)
-- the Galactic Midplane was crossing the axis in 2012 (2h31min.30sec.) - the "galactic alignment" (2h31min.35sec.) - just the day when the Maya calendar ends on December 21, 2012 - on winter solstice (2h31min.44sec.)
-- Christmas 2012 marks the beginning of a new "great year" (2h32min.23sec.)

224 million: the Milky Way galaxy also is in a rotation - the "Galactic Year" (2h32min.31sec.) - apr. 224 million years (2h32min.35sec.), called "The Great Year" (2h31min.13sec.)


4 Dimensions
-- 4 dimensions are realized with a little cube in a big cube (3h33min.50sec.), to control 4 dimensions is high wisdom with length, width, height, and depth, (3h33min.29sec.), e.g. at the Big Bow (Grande Arche) in Paris (3h33min.50sec.), or symbolizing a little state in a big state: City of London in London, Vatican state in Rome, District of Columbia (DC) in Washington, or UNO district in New York City (3h35min.52sec.)
-- 4D painting: the "cubist" painters Dali, Picasso and Braque etc. praised the 4D painting with the cubes in their paintings and presented the objects from different sights.

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