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Ukraine. News (part 1)

presented by Michael Palomino



April 7, 2014: Donbass region

Cause for separation 1: NS regime in Kiev wants extermination of 1.5 million Russians in Donbass region

The cause for all the war in Donbass region is that the Nazi regime in Kiev wants not only to drive all Jews away from Ukraine, but they also want a genocide against Russians in Ukraine with an extermination of 1.5 million Russians in Donbass region. This fact was never communicated in censored CIA European media and there was NEVER ANY PROTEST against these extermination projects in Ukraine! But a video with this statement is here: video from April 29, 2014 in a Kiev TV station

Russian with German subtitles: <Ukraine-TV: Aufruf zur Ermordung von überflüssigen Menschen> (Ukraine TV: appeal for murdering of superfluous human beings)


In this video the Ukrainian journalist Bogdan Butkevich is stating clearly that 1.5 million Russians in Donbass region are "superfluous" and have to be exterminated and the Donbass region should only be treated as a "resource field". And it can be admitted that Putin with his secret services knew everything what this NS regime was planning and also CIA surely knew but CIA is using the Nazis in Kiev manipulating the situation against Russia.

Cause for separation 2: NS regime in Kiev operating with "Black Block" and wants "new historiography" adoring Wehrmacht and SS units

Another big cause for all the separation movement of Donbass region is the "new historiography" in the new Nazi Ukraine:

  • old symbols of the Red Army from 1945 are forbidden
  • Nazi symbols and Nazi cruelties and SS cruelties of 1941 are adored
  • Nazi government of Kiev is operating with "Right Block" groups organizing disguised and armed bully boys against peaceful pro-Russian anti-EU-demonstrators enclosing the demonstrations and committing mass deportations, hijacking, slaughtering and committing killing actions against the pro-Russian Ukrainians - being organized by Ukrainian Nazi secret service, by Ukrainian Nazi police commanders - and probably also being bribed by CIA.

This is clearly described in the following movie on YouTube showing Ukrainian historians and activists: Russian with German subtitles: <Ukraine: Erschreckende Wahrheiten von Westlichen Medien verschwiegen> (Ukraine: Horrorful truths being concealed by Western media)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY7dbMTtVzI&index=66&list=UUSe1WCAujovQdGx7mPBGEKQ (Nazi pogroms in Mariupol, in Odessa, in Kiev etc.)

Separation of Donbass region had it's reasons without any influence of Putin!!!

Putin has NOTHING to do with the separation of the Donbass region! But this Nazi government in Kiev is just unacceptable for Russians in Ukraine

1st by the announcement of the genocide against 1.5 million Russians in Ukraine

2nd by the new Nazi justice in Ukraine prohibiting symbols of the Red Army and protecting Nazi symbols and Nazi actions of 1941 and permitting killer gangs of the "Right  Block" against pro-Russian Ukrainians and protecting all violence and killing actions by this "Right Block".

Would you accept when your government would have a program of an extermination of 1.5 million of your ethnic group? Would you accept when your government would order the adoration of Nazi crimes operating with big groups of SS killer gangs? NO! But CIA, NATO and EU do!!!

See this: These two points mentioned above were the big reasons for the separation movement of Donbass region. Putin had nothing to do with it but he knew what was played in Kiev and saved first the Russians on Crimea from Kiev Nazi terrorism, and he wanted surely to save also the Russians in Donbass but "USA" and EU are playing the game now not only driving all Russians out of Ukraine but also blaming Putin for big violence which never was committed by him!

European media just NEVER UNDERSTOOD THE DETAILS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN! And ethnic cleansing by Kiev is supported by EU and "USA"! CIA was also provoking blames against Putin with the faked MH17 crash site in Grabovo (MH17 is hijacked by CIA probably like MH370 also is, only a little transport airplane was blasted in Grabovo and parts are distributed in the fields without any fire marks and without any craters), "USA" was deciding sanctions against Russia for nothing and CIA is actively supporting this Nazi government in Kiev even with foreigners who are coming "to fight" for "safari" from all parts of Europe - absolutely crazy!

Here is the video with a report how Nazi fighters from whole Europe are organized against Donbass:

Video: <Ostukraine: Zahlreiche westliche Söldner ll Killer-Tourismus - Russ. TV>: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxE_AC7Q5Yk

Leading cliques of old bones of CIA, NATO and EU cannot even handle the Internet

Stupidity of CIA, NATO and EU who are supporting the Nazi regime in Kiev never being informed about the details in Ukraine and in Donbass region has a very simple reason: The old bones in the leading cliques of "USA" (Kissinger etc.) and EU (Merkel etc.) cannot even handle the Internet for getting alternative news! But this Republic of Donbass has it's justification!

So one can only appeal: Stop this Nazi nonsense in Kiev! Donbass Republic is legal, recognize it! And Stop Nazism in Ukraine! Stop CIA! Stop NATO! Stop them! Nobody needs war anywhere, and nobody needs this Nazi government in Kiev - but peaceful revolution in Kiev for a peaceful government for a multicultural state like Ukraine we need! And the old bones in CIA, NATO and EU should learn to search for neutral information in the Internet evading CIA censorship because these old bones are living 40 years yet manipulating the world. But even antifa is nowhere concerning Nazi government in the Ukraine. This seems very strange. When they are needed for hindering official Nazism then they are nowhere. They are following the orders of old bones from Central European Socialists...

Michael Palomino, August 7, 2014

Logic analytic historiography since 1992

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