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Post-war era in Germany from 1945 to 1950 in general, index

by Michael Palomino

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  • James Bacque: Crimes and Mercies. The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944-1950. Minutes (2013)

    Morgenthau Plan -- German women expelled and raped -- German resistance -- Western allies are helping the Gulag "Soviets" without limits -- Food on the black market brought there by the criminal allies -- Feeding by organizations, allied blockages, hunger and death by hunger -- Marshall plan since April 1948 - but Morgenthau Plan is working on yet! -- Concealment of the allied mass murder by lies without end -- Faked balance of the allies -- Wheat for free for Gulag "Soviet Union" -- Stalin and Polish territories - 2+4 German Treaty of 1990 - UN convention on refugees in 1994 -- Secret services want to hinder the truth coming out about criminal allies in Germany -- Psychiatrists with a maneuver in 1945 investigating Nazi propaganda - world is with Nazi methods since 1945 -- Censorship: Secret services want to hinder the truth about criminal allies -- "Reeducation" only working with good treatment -- Censorship against truth of criminal allies in Germany 1945-1950 is going on --

  • Instructions for GB servicemen 1944 - index
    Churchills propaganda work against Germans of 1944 - and his holes in his alcoholic brain - all proved in this instruction booklet for British soldiers in Germany (November 1944)