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Saving Bangkok and the distribution of the population

Principally there is a state of emergency in Thailand - but nobody is declaring it

by Michael Palomino (2013 / 2015)



The savior of Bangkok says:


-- Bangkok has to be reduced from 10 to 1 million reducing it's weight so it's no problem any more for the clay layer in the ground
-- Bangkok remains a town of diplomacy with a university and with embassies. But Bangkok has got "feet of clay" and there must not be built much in this place

-- those parts of Bangkok which are already under 0 meter (under sea level) have to be evacuated first (principally at once!!!) and the houses there should be destroyed so the clay ground is discharged
-- the houses in the remaining part of Bangkok (1 million) should be limited to 3 floors. All what is higher and heavier has to be destroyed for the discharge of the clay ground
-- the free ground (of the 9 million displaced persons) has to be converted into an agricultural zone where only villages with wooden houses are permitted and only in rare cases a stony house, so the ground and the clay layer in 15 m depth are not charged any more, and rain water can come through and the clay layer can become saturated with water again - and eventually the clay layer will rise again, but will not sink more in any case!

-- the waste material of the destroyed houses has to be sank in the deep sea because of the injury risk by the irons, or when the beaches are "armed" with the waste material of the houses, then ALL irons sticking out have to be eliminated carefully.

For example at the beach of Buenos Aires the waste material of about 200 house blocks was put when the new motorway was built through Buenos Aires, and swimming at the beach is very dangerous by this and prohibited. But nobody is eliminating the irons there - principally not understandable.


-- Chonburi can be - when the ground is good for it - the new metropolis of Thailand, with a population of about 6 million people, as a cultural main center with institutes, cultural centers, universities, and with some industries
-- here a new city train can be developed which does not have to be under ground and therefore it's not so expensive
-- there will be a state's system like in Holland with a diplomatic capital like the little Den Haag and the metropolis of Amsterdam, or like in Switzerland with the diplomatic capital of Berne and the metropolis of Zurich. This is a normal constellation, but perhaps one has to accustom to it
-- when Chonburi cannot be the new metropolis, then another town in the north of Bangkok will be the new metropolis, or the 9 million people and the institutes and universities will be distributed in whole Thailand
-- when Chonburi will be the new metropolis AND the new capital, then Bangkok should develop a specialty for example with engineers and engineers schools, or as a religious main town or something else. There are many possibilities. To destroy Bangkok completely is not the real solution, and some parts are on 2 m over sea level yet
-- building the new metropolis has to be with a good investigation of the ground, and the ground should not be covered in a dense way, otherwise new sinking soil will be
-- building up the new metropolis should be calculated well with a balance between residence houses, streets, rail ways, parks, playgrounds, sport grounds, and green belts, and there should be a clear limitation between red light districts, party districts, and living district, because a good sleep is the basic condition for an intelligence development, and party also should be sometimes. Germany has a good experience with the reconstruction of towns (after 1945). Swiss people DON'T HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE AND CANNOT DO THIS.


-- some industries should be distributed in whole Thailand thus poverty will reduce in the countryside at least, and thus it will never happen again that somebody will pull out groundwater provoking sinking processes with the soil
-- industries with a high water consumption have to be at the water and must not use groundwater, and therefore a national water system is absolutely essential for survival
-- when reservoirs are built industries can also be at a reservoir.

Industries should not provoke any pollution by waste water.


-- for provoking an attractive change to the countryside a system of fast trains should be installed (is in project), but now the new metropolis should be considered in its center and not Bangkok. Now this is a lucky case that there is not a fast train system yet in the country
-- Chonburi or the other new metropolis will get a new main station, and this main station should NOT be a terminal station because such terminal stations are absolutely unpractical.


-- Thailand needs a national water system (is in project) with reservoirs and artificial lakes so no groundwater will be used any more. In the case of Bangkok such a water system comes unfortunately TOO LATE because some parts of the town are already under 0 m. In installing such water systems Switzerland and Austria have a great experience (reservoirs in Switzerland, water from the Alps in Vienna etc.). But also France has a rich experience with reservoirs and water systems

-- is seems very strange: motorways are many in Thailand, but water system and reservoirs are missing. Thais thought live would be without water supply? Also Italians and Spanish people do so and they all have the same problem: heavy water problems

-- eventually also some rice fields have to be arranged installing new artificial lakes
-- but around the new little Bangkok new rice fields will be when the houses and streets of the 9 million persons are destroyed who have changed their domicile - and thus the clay layer will be DISCHARGED completely. It even can be that the clay layer will become saturated with seepage water and will rise again.


It's absolutely high time to put this plan into action. One can introduce a reward system for people who leave Bangkok, or one can declare a state of emergency (in this case with a sinking capital this is absolutely right!!!) and
-- first there will be planning 6 months
-- the new locations of the institutes and industries are fixed
-- the population will be formed in building houses and in engineering
-- the new houses have to be built which are built partly by the population themselves, for example in popular brigades with competent chiefs etc.

One can give out the order where which industry has to go, and according to the industry a town should also build flats for 100,000 persons, and this should be possible within 2 years.

I really don't understand that Thailand has so many one floor houses with a gabled roofs. These gabled roofs are blocking any further built floor. When flat roofs will be introduce, then other floors can be built "on it" at any time, and town need less space.

Stalin could realize his retreat from 1940 to 1941 from the attack of the Nazi army within 6 months. Industries and staff were shifted to Inner Russia by railway. The Nazi army "Wehrmacht" hardly could find any industry or staff - could not "inherit". What Russia could also Thailand can do.

Really, principally there is a state of EMERGENCY" in Thailand. It was only not declared yet. Within 3 years one can mitigate the situation in Bangkok.


Beaches have to be diked for saving at least the back part of the beaches.

Silt coast lines and mudflats can be safed and even heightened by bamboo fences which is happening in the region of Samut Sakon in Thailand already. Unfortunately sandy beaches CANNOT be safed by bamboo beaches.


I don't know why nobody has developed this strategy for saving Bangkok already 20 years ago. Asian people just have problems to speak about problems respectively they are educated not to speak about problems. And right radicals are not thinking at all. But in Europe after two World Wars there had to be spoken about any problem and because of this they have more experience in arranging dwelling problems than Asian people. Only Vietnamese have the same experience like Europeans with many wars and with an efficient organization of the society.

I am studying history and sociology and making medicine analysis for 20 years now (since 1992), with analysis in traffic and town building inclusive. All this can be controlled on my web sites (www.hist-chron.com and www.med-etc.com). Moreover, I also have a certain experience with materials (sculpturing stones, carving woods) and also with clay (plasticizing), and there is no problem for me to think about what a clay layer needs so it will not sink and reduce itself any more.

It can be that in Thailand one does not know the constructive work with earth, clay and stone, or earth and clay are generally rated as something "dirty" and is never a topic and therefore the Thai government simply does not see this solution because nobody considers clay or earth as an important topic. And right radicals and young spies have not had a carving knife or a chisel in their hands either. But spies and secret services are simply spying at the WRONG place. In the bed there is NOTHING to find, but the problems are not in the bed for sure, but for example in a clay layer.


Well, to read is a lucky thing. Criminal mafia and criminal Swiss spies only are peeping in the beds and therefore remain STUPID. And TINGTONGTHAIS can shout 100,000 times "Fack" and "samkan" ("important"), but the bed is just a PRIVATE affair and not "samkan", but the public problems are really "samkan". But when a government is trusting to mafia systems, then the government will receive what mafia can do: not much. This also counts for Italy and Spain and Greece: all mafia countries are in the ruin.

Principally there is really a state of emergency in Thailand (which principally also is existing in mafia EU). And the territories of Bangkok which are under 0 meter of sea level already should be evacuated today already because they are UNINHABITABLE.

Well, it's really not so good when police is chasing bed affairs, sex toys, magazines, films or parties. But why the police has failed completely in this Bangkok affair? Because they also like to peep and are not thinking of life. Crazy Thais. And now there is the question: What is important? The conditions of life. And the bed of a private person? Is PRIVATE.

Am I a government advisor now?

And all this also counts also for sinking Shanghai and a little bit  for sinking Mexico City...


What will happen with Bangkok when nothing happens: Bangkok will be a trap and a time bomb for epidemics

Bangkok will be a trap

When the soil of Bangkok is not evacuated rapidly where the soil is under 0 meters over sea level already

and when 90% of the soil of Bangkok is not liberated from the heavy houses within 3 years is not converted into an agricultural zone or into rice fields (so the rain water will come into the soil filling up the clay layer again)

and when Thailand is not building up express a reservoir system for drinking water of Bangkok and the shifted population

and when people is going on taking out ground water under Bangkok

then in 5 years the floods in Bangkok will provoke epidemics with eventually 1,000s of deaths

because Bangkok will going on sinking

and because the rains will be MORE AND MORE by climate change at the same time

and because the floods cannot be eliminated then for a longer time.

And some day also the sea will intervene into this affair in Bangkok.

Bangkok will be a trap. And one gets aware of this trap only when it's too late.

And for the Nazi groups in Thailand and for the secret services in Thailand it's not important if somewhere 100,000 people are killed, because in the statistics this will be only a marginal note. This is the calculation of the governing layer - very normal and arrogant. Above all within the Swiss high street banks and in other high street banks of the world the mentality is like this. That's why they also let impoverish the country and are installing the industries only in Bangkok only. This can not only be seen in Thailand, but also in the "U.S.A." For the mighties it just does not matter.

The mighties simply will say: epidemics always have existed already.

Criminal Swiss mafia in Thailand does NOT know what is an epidemic

The facts are like this: where Bangkok is already under 0 meters of sea level, there is a potential danger of typhus during the rainy season with it's never ending floods and when the rainy water cannot flow away. Therefore the project for the water supply and for the evacuation of the under 0 districts of Bangkok should be performed rapidly.
One has to know:

Criminal Swiss people in Thailand organizing a propaganda against me since 10 months

-- do NOT KNOW what is hunger
-- do NOT KNOW what is an epidemic
-- do NOT KNOW what is poverty

BECAUSE THEY NEVER HAD IT REALLY IN THEIR COUNTRY. Criminal Swiss people do not have this sensibility, and therefore they cannot see the dangers in advance, and Swiss do NOT know what is solidarity but they are always laughing at the poor.

-- Germans know what is hunger (in 1918), they know what are epidemics (there were epidemics during Second World War in the camps and in whole Germany during the aftermath of the World War in 1945 and 1946), and they know what is poverty (by the expelled and the bombed population), and therefore Germans know what is solidarity.

This is one of the main differences concerning the mentality between criminal Swiss people and Germans, and Swiss people are only laughing and making intrigues and are spying ON THE BASE OF WRONG DATA AND WRONG THEORIES and they are also destroying projects - so the Swiss can go on laughing, above all Swiss alcoholics in Thailand...


When Thai government is going on listening to Swiss mafia and is going on being consulted by criminal Swiss mafia, then this government will be in a trap and will be in the ruin at the end because criminal Swiss have NO IDEA of crisis management and CANNOT see the dangers in advance, but

-- Swiss people are mainly playing computer games (e.g. at their working station in the banks or in the public offices) instead of improving themselves!!!

-- Swiss people are laughing at the poor and are also laughing at the Thais and do not see the structural faults of the country

-- Swiss people do not at all know why they are so rich (because of the criminal bank secret), because they are not obliged to know it!

-- and Swiss people also don't want to know about the fact having spread the criminal mentality of bank secret in the world provoking all the poverty in the world.

Bangkok is in danger - and Swiss people are NOT a help, but criminal Swiss people in the world with their branches of their high street banks in all the world storing mafia money and serving to any mafia money laundering of any crime in the high street bank of UBS with world wide intrigues passing over mafia networks - these Swiss criminals are also A DANGER.

There are governments organizing their own suicide

Concerning Bangkok any government can organize it's own suicide:

-- with a sinking capital (in Thailand, or Mexico City)

-- or with a sinking currency (in Brussels).

Improving oneself by reading is not a matter of chance, but it's a matter of will. There will be no improvement for sure with beer and soccer and bank secret and not-want-to-know-tactic.

Conditions in Bangkok are similar to the conditions of cc Auschwitz where were 3 typhus epidemics

Now it seems that the authorities in Thailand DON'T KNOW WHAT TYPHUS IS.

Well, this infection is a lasting high fever of 40 to 41 degrees with a patchy rash (exanthem) on the whole body and a slow moving heart. People are loosing weight and are dying, and the infection is spreading very fast. And how are the conditions in sinking Bangkok?

-- there are complete territories under 0 m over sea level in combination with a tropical climate with a rainy season with rain without end provoking floods with the spread of feces containing typhus bacteria
-- Bangkok has got a dense population and partly very bad toilet conditions and this is one more time a very good condition for typhus
-- Bangkok has many illegal wells with contact to ground water which is one more time a very good condition - for the infection of the ground water.

And in only some days 100,000s will be infected and one CANNOT DO ANYTHING about it.

When Bangkok will have typhus, then many million will "go", and Bangkok will be isolated for months and no flight will come or start. And in some manner the government and also the king will "shake" because there has NOTHING been done in the decades of before hindering the sinking of this "water head" of Bangkok hindering this foreseeable catastrophe.
-- build up some reservoirs for the water supply of the agglomeration
-- perform some shifts of the population from Bangkok to Chonburi
-- shift industries and institutes to Chonburi and to the country side.

When people from the endangered zones are not changing to Chonburi, when the institutes and industries do not confess that Bangkok is a trap, then they will go to the "sky" at the end. To the mighties this is not so important as long they themselves are not affected by the infection...

I only said the real truth - comparing the conditions of Bangkok with the events in the concentration camps of the Nazi period (in Auschwitz were 3 typhus epidemics).

One has to know:

-- the blockheads in Auschwitz built the concentration camp in the 1930s in a swamp zone (like Bangkok also is built in a swamp zone)

-- and in the 1940s other blockheads (this time from SS) were infecting the groundwater when they were burying dead bodies there (the groundwater was infected by the dead bodies and typhus could spread, and this is also possible easily in Bangkok because there is contact to the groundwater by the wells, or the spreading will be by floods which will be uncontrollable, or the spread will be performed by BOTH infection ways at one time),

-- and in Auschwitz were many people in a dense manner with a common use of toilets, and this is the third infection way of typhus (and this can also be in Bangkok).

But the government of Thailand never studied any history, but they are only thinking in a bad manner about "Falang".

Somehow there is the impression that Thailand is not at all governed.

Michael Palomino, 14 April 2013

Bangkok is not alone: sinking towns in China (apr. 50 towns!), Mexico, Italy - and defreezing permafrost ground