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Afrika von weiss bis schwarz

Karte von
                  Afrika mit Zebra

von Michael Palomino

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Afrika Meldungen: Royal African Company mit Sklaverei und Massenraub in Afrika
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Rhodesien / Rhodesia
  • Jews in Rhodesia English
    Jewish immigration from Russia, Lithuania and Rhodes - Jewish communities - Herzl Zionism


Schweiz - Südafrika
Malaria in Afrika


-- Karte von Afrika mit Zebra: http://www.kanyinsola.com/Balatou.html

Hello Anneke,

I am Michael again :)

there are just new facts about natural medicine simple and effective:

-- what was known already: anise seeds eliminate any menstrual pain being chewed 3 times per day or taken as a tea 3 times per day so within 1 month it's over with all pain and it does not come again

and now comes the new thing:

-- virgin coconut oil (not industrially refined) is a wonder thing:

this is one of Lima being manufactured from the jungle

Look what happens: being put as a cream on the face it's caring the face (spots and wrinkles go away) and it's smell is so good for humans but so bad for mosquitos so all mosquitos go away - and being put in the hair over night the hair becomes first class - and coconut oil is the first natural lubricant I found, it's such a joy not to have chemicals for this - and eating 2 to 3 spoons of it per day with the meals or just like this alone or eaten with chocolate or cookies etc. reduces kilos from the second week on - and it cares the circulation system preserving people from heart problems - and it gives direct energy because digestion of coconut oil does not need bile but gets directly to the liver - helps also against diabetes because glucose is not needed for it's digestion and there are many more effects - but the most important is the face+mosquito+lubricant effect which I have not found with another natural product until today (recollecting data about natural medicine since 2003). The only problem is the price, it's not cheap. But Florida and Texas can also plant coconuts...

Send this text to all you know. Perhaps you can give this natural medicine to your yoga courses for a happy life.

Have a nice day and stay in touch,

Michael Palomino, Lima
history: www.hist-chron.com - sociology+medicine: www.med-etc.com - southamtrips: http://www.southamtrips.com/index-ENGL.html
Facebook: Michael Palomino Ale https://www.facebook.com/michael.palominoale